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( A WORK IN PROGRESS ) New Work being to site will be back soon 

A warm welcome to Sidetracked . Providing practical help to sufferers of agoraphobia and fear based problems.

It is hoped by information supplied on this website to provide the means to empower the sufferers to explain to support groups and individuals what kind of help will be beneficial to the sufferers.

And also we hope through this website to explain how with the correct kind of help the work projects can be brought to fruition ,and how for some sufferers theraputic work can be made available.  

Sidetracked Website and Training Course plus Work Projects have been produced by Successful Failures (an organisation dedicated to providing practical help to those in need).

What is available on this site is the start of a web site that will be completed over the coming weeks .You will see from what is available the start of what will be helpful to support groups and sufferers.

Sidetracked is a project dedicated to aiding agoraphobic sufferers and those suffering from fear based problems . Part of the work involves a series of training courses which can be found on this site, along with a number of other work projects. The project has grown from humble beginnings 10 years ago, to the current site. Please contact us  if you require any further information not available on this site or just to give us your comments.

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