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Training course for Church Support Group                                                                                            as the title says the course is for Church support groups who will provide help to sufferers to enable the sufferer reach an agreed goal, details will be available in the course .


The emphasis of this course is on GOD'S LOVE, FORGIVENESS, HUMILITY, THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE HISTORIC FACTS OF THE CRUCIFIXION. We have included these five subjects, as there will be some people who will need this foundational knowledge and particularly to learn how to relate it to the support they are wanting to give, as part of a support team, to the agoraphobic sufferer. On a number of occasions I and others suffering from agoraphobia have been confronted by well-meaning Christians, who have waded into our situations without a true understanding of how best to help.  This can be counter-productive.

The first part involved in this I will try to demonstrate what can go wrong on at least three different occasions different people have said to me that all I needed to do is allow myself to healed . It hadnt accured to them that if that was possible I would have allowed myself to be healed many times over rather than go through the hell that I have suffered all these years . On the internet I have met many Christian believers who also have suffered from Agoraphobia for many years .

Also for many people suffering from agoraphobia will be needing to feel love and acceptance ,not to being bullied into what for many will be feelings of guilt because they havent been healed .



 We believe the Lord has provided this course to enable Church based support groups understanding on how to help  sufferers to reach agreed goals as part of recovery programme .




What I and others believe is that the Lord has provided this particular course as the means of enabling sufferers to reach agreed goals as part of recovery.

As a member of a support team, it will be important for you to know:

What exactly is agoraphobia and fear based problems ?

What tools are available to help sufferers cope with anxiety? 

What experiences the term agoraphobia describes.

The individual sufferer's own methods of coping with his or her,s distress.

The agreed boundaries of the help to be given and received.  

Information about the autonomic nervous system in the human body.

Diet and exercise  

The one-hour a day for three months Walking Program, the Work Projects and the ongoing support to be offered.