Sidetracked  - Sample Questions


select one of the three answers to each question marked  a/b /c   

  1. What was used for a cradle for Jesus when He was born                              a)  cot    b)  Manger  c ) bathtub     
  2. What was the name of the town where Jesus was born                                  a) Bethlehem       b ) Jerusalem  c ) Nazareth  
  3. What did the wise men follow to find Jesus                                                      a) star  b) sat nav   b) camels 
  4. Who was King of Judea when Jesus was born
    a)  Richard 1  b) Caesar  c) Herod 
  5. What were the names of Jesus'  earth parents
    a) Mary and Joseph b) Elizabeth and Zechariah c) Hannah and Samuel
  6. What were the three gifts brought the wise men
    a)gold silver and bronze b)silver pearls and opals c) gold  and frankincense and myrrh  
  7. Where did Joseph take Mary and Jesus to keep them safe
    a) Jerusalem b) Egypt c) France 
  8. Where did Mary ,Joseph and Jesus live when it was safe to return
    a) Bethlehem b) Jerusalem c) Nazareth 
  9. Who announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherd
    a) angels b) wise men  c) television news 
  10. Who baptised Jesus                                                                                                    a) Joseph  b) John  c) Elijah 
  11. What were Peter ,and his brother Andrew  before Jesus called them to follow Him
    a) fishermen  b) tax collectors c)  Rabbis 
  12. How many loaves and fishes did Jesus use to feed the 5,000
    a) 1000 loaves and 500 fishes b) 1 loaf and 1 fish c) 5 loaves and 2 fish 
  13. How many close disciples ( apostles ) did Jesus have
    a) 2   b)  12    c)  1,000  
  14. At the wedding what did Jesus turn the jars of water into
    a )fruit juice b) wine  c) beer 
  15. How many Commandments were given on stone to Moses at the top of the mountain                                                                                                                a) 1    b)  10    c)   100 
  16. What was Noah asked to build
    a) ark   b) tower  c) car 
  17. What weapons did David use to defeat Goliath
    a ) sword and shield     b ) bow and arrow     c) sling shot and stones 
  18. What creature swallowed Jonah
    a ) a big fish  b) lion    c) elephant 
  19. Who was given a coat of many colors by his father
    a) Jacob   b) Paul   c)  Joseph
  20. Which couple lived in the garden of Eden 
    a) Adam and Eve  b) Joseph and Mary  c) Isaac and Elizabeth
  21. Which animals was Daniel thrown to 
    a ) pigeons   b)  lions  c) camels
  22. Which short man climbed a tree to see Jesus
    a ) Zacchaeus  b ) Bartimaeus   c)Barabbas
  23. Who walked on water
    a ) John  b) Joseph   c ) Jesus
  24. Who did what God said to part the Red Sea
    a ) Moses   b)  Jacob  c) Isaiah
  25. Who was brought back to life from the dead
    a ) Adam   b) Jesus   c ) Isaiah
  26. Whose name was changed to Paul when they became a follower of Christ
    a ) Simon  b) Mathew  c) Saul
  27. What did the angel move out of the way of the entrance to the tomb of Jesus
    a ) stone  b ) pebble  c ) curtain
  28. How many days did it take God to finish creating the World and all its contents
    a)  1    b) 6   c)  7
  29. What food do we ask us God to give us in the Lord's prayer
    a )  eggs   b) caviar  c) bread
  30. What did King Solomon ask God for
    a ) money and riches  b) wisdom  c)  nice clothes