Autonomic Nervous System

Learning about this for me was a mile stone, just the same as it was important for me to learn that I had a illness and I wasnt crazy. When I first discovered about the Dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System it made sense to me where for a long time a lot of what was happening to me didn't make sense .

To discover what was wrong and why I was getting all this strange symptoms that are involved with suffering from anxiety panic attacks ,and agoraphobia ,came at a time after I had spent many years battling to be free at times not really knowing what I was doing .

There was a point when I was offered the help of volunteers from the local volunteers office ,and this was okay until one day one of the volunteers had helped me  walk as far as the telephone box which was at the end of our street . I started to feel the anxiety start to build when she insisted " that I made friends with the telephone box ",after she had helped me get back home I declined the offer of her to come and see me the next day . After this I refused the help of the volunteer office and it took me a number of months to  regain trust in people , and it was around this time I contacted my local Vicar to ask if he had anyone in his church who could help me get to Church by walking with me . His reply was that if I could get along to the Church I would meet someone who would be willing to help me ,and he wasn't being mean he just had no idea about the problem I had .

There is a lot of information available on the dysfunction of the autonomic  nervous system on a number of medical and university sites , but this on its on is not sufficient .




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