Tools and Boundaries

It will be important that those involved in the support group will know about the sufferer from the sufferer and the sufferers GP  or from medical advisor as to what the sufferer can and cannot cope with ,and also the sufferer will need to know exactly  just what help the support group is offering . ( there could be the possibility of the sufferer becoming dependent on the support group ,due to this it is wise to help the sufferer form links with other agencies family members and carers  )

There are many tools available for combating anxiety ,and panic attacks such as medication, but also  for the sufferer these tools can also be anything from strong sweets to other methods depending on the individual , and such things as having with them  bags of props such  as bottle of  water/ food/Walkman /CD player, anything  that make you feel comfortable. Having checked the information available on a number of University web sites on the subject of the Dysfunction of the Autonomic nervous system I discovered there are number of means of distracting yourself. Taste buds are one way, so without realising when I used to use strong tasting sweets I was in fact distracting myself from the panic attack f. This was also the case when I used to grow my nails long when ever I felt anxious or panicky I would dig my nails into the palm of my hand and without realising it was distracting  myself. ( this is not recommended ),a much better way is an elastic band worn round the wrist which can be pulled and realised against the wrist . There is no way harming your self is being recommended ,but these are methods people have used to distract themselves from the panic they are suffering at that moment  .

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