The Minister of the local Church is gathering his thoughts after the meeting between his Church committee ,and the group that was brought to the Church by the "Stranger " at first the Minister had  thought the meeting had gone well . That was untill the "Stranger" started talking about God as though God was his friend  it was at that moment two of the Church committee had verbally attacked  " Stranger ", and said " who do you think you are talking about God in that way " . That was when a number of the group from the social club started to defend  " Stranger" ,and a number of things were shouted like " who do we think we are ,,who do you lot think you are ,,you think your the only ones who know God "  " see I told you this lot cause they go to Church think they are better than us ,,thats one of the reasons we dont come to Church "  a number of other hurtful things were said from both sides .  It is at that point the group from the Social club sing the song Rules and Regulations  you can hear the music by clicking on the link below      ,,,below the link are some of the lyrics to the song    Rules and Regulations 


Rules and Regulations


some of the lyrics  

 Your rules and regulations mean nothing to me if I listen to you I'll never be free 

 It,s time for a wake, time for a shake up ,now is the time to set things right

 You got to walk the walk    talk the talk with all your might 


After this the group from the social club and the Stranger leave ,  and the Minister goes into the Church on his own

music and lyrics and script by RK