This is towards the end of the Musical a number of the cast come together some from the Church some from the Social Club ,and some from the Street Gang a few of them want to argue and even fight , and it is at this point one of the older members of the group shouts " whats wrong with you people will you never learn " what did Stranger die for . It is at that point the Minister speaks and says " I am sorry we let you down "  then someone from the Social Club group says " we werent much better "  ,and then one of them from the Street gang says " there's no point us saying we didnt know better " then the older member of the cast who spoke before says " at last you have all made a start, being able to admit your wrong is the first step to being able to ask to be forgiven , and untill you all realise we all need to be forgiven you aint going to get anywhere" ,,,,,,,



this is the point where a number of the cast come together to sing Step to Step  you can hear music by clicking on link below  

step by step 


some of lyrics      

Step by Step  Step by Step I'm getting closer to Jesus 

What do I do to get closer to you 

"Put everything down and let yourself be filled with God's Love"

 And know your loved ,and surely you will be able to Love 

music and lyrics and script by RK