This is shortly after Stranger has been attacked by the street gang and the gang leader knows the stranger is dying , and  Stranger had wedged an iron bar in the door handles of the club to stop the social club people from getting out . The Gang leader is holding  Stranger and saying why did you do that why didnt you let them come out and help you this wouldnt have happened why give your life for them whats so special about them . Then the Stranger looks at the gang leader and smiles and says "dont you know its because I love them " the gang leader says thats daft no one gives their life for people who dont deserve it ,and then the Stranger says someone better than me did it " Jesus gave His Life for everyone even you . The Gang Leader then says in an angry voice " dont say that no one cares about me " it is just then the people inside the club finally get the doors open and come running out of the club ,,the Gang Leader lays the Stranger gently down says "sorry" ,and runs away ,some of the people from Social Club chase after him ,and while some of them tend to Stranger ,,,,

 after this the gang leader sings the song Fallen Angel   you can hear this by clicking on the link below 

Fallen Angel


Steven and Jason have kindly said this song can be used in the Musical 

music and lyrics by S and J K 


script of musical by RK