This is the scene where the barmaids father tells her who he is ,,,at first she looks at him rather strange thens starts to cry then she launches herself at him kicking and punching him ,and she dont stop till he manages to restrain her ,and she collapses shouting at him " thats cause you havent been here all the years I needed you " he then says will you give me a chance to tell you what happened she says okay but it wont make any difference. He then starts to tell her about the work he was involved in and all the different things he had to do all the people that were in trouble who needed help ,and how his job meant he had to deal with many suicides and  many of other things ,and cause of the shift work he was on for many months he wasnt getting any sleep . Then one day he knew he was becoming ill and didnt know what to do it was like he couldnt even think straight ,and the more he tried to keep going the more everything became a blur untill it was like he didnt know where he was ,or who he was .He had ended up having to move to a place where he had had a breakdown and was there for a number of years before he was able to even start getting back to anything like a normal life ,and in all that time he had kept her photo , and how there were times he had managed to get to see her from a distance even though she hadnt seen him ,but he knew he wasnt able to look after her . He tells of the time he regained his memory and was able to start thinking clearly of all the times he was missing her ,but thinking cause he wasnt able to be the person he used to be kept thinking that she was better of without him ,and how ashamed he was of himself  for having had a breakdown ,,,, he then says   " can you forgive me " ,,,,

then the song   Something I gotta tell you ,,,is sung you can hear it by clicking on link below   



something I gotta tell you 

Jason and Steven have kindly said this song can be used in the Musical 

music and lyrics by S & J   K


script of musical by RK