The Minister is alone in the Church and is so upset because a lot of what was said by the Stranger and the group from the social club at the meeting had a ring of truth to it ,and he starts to think to himself is it true is all we are good for is running coffee mornings and feeding the homeless once a week . He thens finds himself praying to God " please Lord show me how to love again " have I been taken up with all my duties have I been  trying to please everyone the congregation the Church Leaders at head quarters,and have I forgotten you . When the Stranger admitted even though he had become a Christian that he had been hurt by Christian friends so much he was ready to take his own life ,and he stopped when You said to him " if you dont want your life give it to Me " , and that was when he said okay Lord it is yours . Was that why those in the committee didnt like what he was saying because he spoke not only of  you as the Creater of the  Universe and the  World ,but also his friend what did he say , you were his best mate . Were we annoyed with the Stranger because you are talking to him and not us ,and yet maybe you are talking to us maybe the problem is we are not listening ,,,,,

it is then the Minister sings the song   ....No love in this place .... you can play the music to this song by clicking on the link below  


no love in this place


here are some of the lyrics to the song No Love in this Place 

                      Theres no love in this place   oh Lord what have we done 

                      You gave us all  that we need you gave Your only Son

                      Forgive us Lord for forgetting Your Son

music and lyrics and script by RK


After this the Minister goes to see the Stranger