The barmaid had made friends with the " Stranger " and she has agreed to meet him at the far end of the park ,and he has agreed to walk back with her to the club and meet her friends that evening .As she approaches the place they are to meet she suddenly realises that the reason she never walks through the park is all the characters that gather there , and most of them are normally drinking or taking drugs and at times  would be fighting shouting or swearing . As she walks into the park she can see the " Stranger " ,and he is talking to a group of people gathered there ,and they all appear to be friendly and smiling  some are even shaking  "Strangers "  hand ,and a few of them are crying .  "Stranger " looks over to see the Barmaid standing there with that he says good bye to the group and comes across to where the barmaid is standing and says " you okay "  " yes " she replies  "just been talking to some of your unsavoury characters " they are not mine " she replies ,as they set of to walk through the park towards the club she notices that more of the " down and outs " smile and come up to shake hands with the Stranger .

It is then that the barmaid starts to sing the song   Walking on Grass       you can hear the music by clicking on title   below , also you will see some of lyrics to the song  


  walking on grass           

lyrics     Never Never walked on grass before never heard the wind or seen the trees ,never stopped to see birds flying by never even looked untill today 

             With you walking by my side I knew that God had sent you ,this is the day  I came alive , alive in God 

Music and lyrics and script by RK

more lyrics will added shortly 

Shortly afterwards they arrive at the club ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

music and lyrics and musical and script by RK