One of the social club group has been feeling very down and a little lost  some of the others realise and ask him what is wrong ,and he says " oh I was just thinking how things used to be around here ,and about some of the people I used to know just for a while I was back there with them all " . This was a time before all the blocks of flats were built ,and it was time when everyone knew each other seemed as though people were always willing to help each other ,but dont get me wrong there were bad people then except people in the main tried to look out for each other people seemed to know right from wrong .

It is then the song Soap Sud Island is sung ,,,click on link to play the music from the song 

and see below some of the lyrics 


soap sad island


some of the lyrics    

Oh Soap Sud Island how I miss you so was it so long ago when everything was fine 

 Oh Soap Sud Island how I miss you so from all those years ago 

 They knocked down our Church cause we didnt go each week  Council knocked down our houses what a bloomin cheek 

music and lyrics and script  by RK